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Electrical Courses available at Alpha BSE

Electricians are always in high demand for domestic and industrial electrical works across the UK. It is an exciting trade to start your career after completing the required training and certifications for various roles in the industry. Alpha BSE Training offers a complete range of electrical training courses in London in a fully-equipped training center to help you get the experience, skills, and certifications you need to work as a professional electrician.

Alpha BSE Training is one of the largest construction skills training provides in London. Alpha BSE Training deems to help every trainee to develop and improve their trade skills by giving them the most quality and effective training and assessment. Discover a range of trade skills training courses such as Electrical Installation, 17th Edition, Part P, Inspection and Testing, PAT and many more. Our training centre provides information, advice and guidance to any learner requiring course information, progression route and career opportunities.

If you are good with practical work, electrician could be a great career for you. As an electrician you would fit and repair electrical circuits and wiring. This would be in people’s homes or businesses.

To qualify as an electrician you will need to have industry-recognised training and qualifications such as Level 1 and Level 2 or 3, 17th Edition and Inspection & Testing. As an electrician you will need to be organised and pay close attention to detail. You will also need a full understanding of safety rules and regulations.

Newly-qualified electricians may earn between £17,000 and £20,000 a year. With experience, this can rise to between £23,000 and £30,000.

You can start with the electrical installation Level 1 training program if you don’t have any training or industrial experience in electrical works before moving to a higher level. It helps you learn basic skills and knowledge involved in electrical installation.

Key Areas of Study in Electrical Training Level 1 Course are:

  • Basics of electrical science and technology
  • Writing and terminations in electrical installations
  • Site preparation for electrical works in the construction industry
  • Environmental and sustainability measures

Upon completion of electrical installation Level 1 training, you can enroll in Level 2 courses to brush up your skills and get the qualifications that lead you directly into employment.

Key Areas of Study in Electrical Training Level 2 Course are:

  • Working Safety & Efficiency
  • Principle of Electro-Technology
  • Health & Safety of people
  • Electrical Principles and installation Building & Structures)

Level 2 course helps you develop skills and knowledge that are recognized in the industry for the highest standards and safety. After holding your Level 2 certification in electrical installations, you can move on to Level3 training if you wish to get an Advanced Technical Diploma in Electrical Installation. It opens the gate for several meaningful employment in the electrical industry.

Key Areas of Study in Electrical Training Level 3 Course are:

  • Fault diagnosis and rectification in electrical systems and installations
  • Electrical installation inspection, testing, and commissioning
  • Electrical safety, legislation, regulations, standards & terminology
  • Special locations and installations

At Alpha BSE Training, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and tutors to train you through professional electrical installation training programs, depending on your skill level and ambition as a professional electrician. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Search for electrical training courses near me in London to find and know more about Alpha BSE Training programs. We can help you find the ideal course for your specific needs to take your career even further. Call us today at Alpha BSE Training for more information.

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