Why Women Should Yes to Becoming a Professional Gas Technician in the UK

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Over one million women are working in core-STEM roles in the UK, making up 24 percent of the core STEM workforce. However, when it comes to the gas workforce of the country, women make up a smaller portion of the entire workforce in the industry. For decades, the gas industry has been consistently dominated by men as the roles of gas engineers and gas technicians are seen as male-only roles.

Why is the number of women alarmingly lower in the gas industry?

According to the British Gas survey, almost half of the young women don’t even think about pursuing a career in STEM fields because they perceive engineering as male-only jobs. The women who do want to apply for STEM-related jobs often hesitate for the fear of discrimination and getting lower paychecks.

We are living in a society where girls are conditioned for choosing their career in nursing & care, teaching, and medical, while boys are encouraged for IT, engineering, and finance right from childhood. What’s more problematic, even teachers and counselors give gender-based advice thinking that girls are fit for only particular roles that are considered to be less rigorous. As a result, when girls grow up and pursue their careers, they typically avoid male-perceived roles.

However, the scenario is gradually changing. Many women have broken these beliefs and pursued their careers in the gas industry. In fact, the number of women who sit at the top of the hierarchy in this industry is also increasing.

What are the opportunities for women in the gas industry?

Research has shown that companies with a significant share of female leaders have outperformed their counterparts. Over the past few years, UK government is focusing on increasing the number of female workers in the gas industry. Given the acute shortage of talent in the industry, it has become critical for gas businesses to diversify their pool of talent.

Women are great at problem-solving and can bring new and alternative approaches to problems. They have proven again and again that women make great leaders and great engineers too.

Training to become a professional gas technician, domestic gas installer, or gas safety inspector is something that women also need to consider when making a career choice or shifting their profession later in life. It is noteworthy that female gas technicians are preferred more in households where women and the elderly live alone during the day as they feel very vulnerable about having male professionals in their homes.

Women who have become gas engineers or gas technicians are very satisfied with the choice they have made and happy with the challenge they took upon in the male-dominating industry. The jobs of gas professionals can be very fulfilling as they come with typically higher paychecks.

Besides, when you become a gas technician, it also opens the door to becoming your own boss. Yes, you can start your own business as you gain higher skills.

So, if you are a woman and interested in pursuing a career in the gas industry, don’t get told by people otherwise. Check out different gas training courses in London. For beginners, it can be difficult to find the right gas training course. So, you can consult the faculty or representative of a gas training institute to make the right choice.