Refrigeration / Air-Conditioning Courses

Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Courses available at Alpha BSE

Alpha BSE Training deems to help every trainee to develop and improve their trade skills by giving them professional and effective training and assessment. Discover a range of trade skills training courses such as, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Diploma Level 2, C&G 2079 F-gas and many more.

Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning system is everywhere in our daily live. From keeping people comfortable in a multi-screen cinema, to keeping the cake fresh in you local café, people working in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry play a crucial part in our lives.

The careers are roughly divided into two areas:

  • As a refrigeration engineer you’ll be installing, servicing and maintaining refrigeration systems in places like supermarkets, hospitals, food processing plants and research establishments.
  • As an air conditioning engineer you’ll install, service and maintain the systems that control and maintain the air quality, temperature and humidity inside offices, schools, leisure complexes and other modern buildings.

The salary will vary depending on your employer and where you live in the UK, but as a guide you might expect:

  • Newly-qualified workers may earn between £20,000 and £27,000 a year.
  • Experienced F-gas qualified engineer can earn upto £35,000 a year.

Current Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Courses from Alpha BSE