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Plumbing Courses available at Alpha BSE

Plumbing professionals are always in high demand across the UK. They earn average salaries of £30,000 depending on their qualifications and location. It is an exciting career, and anyone can pursue this trade and become a professional plumber after completing the required training and courses in London.

At Alpha BSE Training, we have a range of plumbing courses in London on a full-time or part-time basis for beginners and experienced professionals as well. You can start your training from the basics of plumbing or opt for a plumbing diploma to improve your skills to grow as a professional in the plumbing trade. If you are among those individuals who want to develop plumbing skills to kickstart their careers, come join us to train with some of the best plumbing courses in London to get your licenses.

Alpha BSE Training deems to help every trainee to develop and improve their trade skills by giving them professional and effective training and assessment. Discover a range of Plumbing courses such as Plumbing Diploma, Plumbing NVQ, Water Regulations, Unvented Hot Water System, Part L Energy Efficiency and many more.

If you enjoy doing practical things and you want a vocational skill that you can use in different career pathways, plumbing could be perfect for you. As a plumber you would install, service and repair water and heating systems in domestic houses and businesses.

We have developed a multitude of professional training courses in London to teach you the skills and give you the real-world experience you need to undertake industrial and domestic plumbing jobs. We have a team of experienced trainers and tutors to train you in a fully-equipped training center. From critical copper pipework skills to bathroom design, plumbing system installation, and maintenance of heating radiators and circuits, options are vast and varied to start your career.

You can start at Level 1 if you don’t have any training or industrial experience in plumbing works before moving to a higher level. Upon completion of level 1 or if you have basic training in plumbing works, you can enroll in Level 2 courses to improve your basic skills. After holding a Level 2 Certificate in Plumbing, you can move onto a level 3 course to enhance your training for career awareness in building service engineering and complex plumbing works.

To become a qualified plumber you will need to achieve Plumbing Diploma level 2 or 3 qualifications. Depending on your job requirements, Plumbing NVQ qualification might be needed to extend your scope work on site.

Starting salaries for a plumbers mate can be between £16,500 and £21,000 a year. Experienced plumbers can earn between £22,000 and £35,000 a year.

Key areas of study in Plumbing Level 1 Diploma are:

  • Structure of the construction industry
  • Fundamentals of safe working practices
  • Environmental and sustainability measures
  • Above ground drainage
  • Copper pipework
  • Plastic pressure pipework
  • Low carbon steel pipework
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of basic plumbing systems
  • Plumbing science

Key areas of study in Plumbing Level 2 & Leve 3 Courses are:

  • Scientific principles for Plumbing
  • Common plumbing processes
  • Health and safety in building service engineering
  • Plumbing systems installation and planning
  • cold-water and hot water systems
  • Sanitation and drainage systems
  • Central Heating systems
  • Domestic Gas systems

We also help you get to obtain your trade licenses and ACS qualifications if you want to become a gas engineer after completing your training and courses.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional and looking to improve your skills, Alpha BSE Training programs and courses can help you. Call us today for more information.

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