Is there a demand for plumbers in the UK in 2021 and beyond?

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Plumber man fixing kitchen sink

If you are at the edge of deciding on what career you should choose and looking for something that allows you to become your own boss with minimum capital, then checking out plumbing courses in London is a worthwhile move.

Why a plumbing job? Is plumbing a good career in the UK?

Surprisingly, very few people choose to be a plumber and that leaves a huge gap in this job sector. How? Almost every home requires a plumber during construction and at times they face a plumbing crisis. However, the number of plumbers in the UK is not much higher.

According to a new survey conducted by Rated People and Vanarama, plumbing was the most in-demand trade in 2020. It clearly reflects that even when the economy was down and most businesses and jobs were blown hard by the pandemic, plumbing was one of the jobs that continued to be in demand.

Though you might think of a plumber as a tradesperson that just works on toilets and taps; however, it is not the case. It can often be an exciting and diverse job where you will meet a lot of people in your area and the neighboring regions (or wherever you serve). You will get a range of projects right from residential to commercial to industrial projects. Since plumbing issues can be very complex, it will also give you the joy and satisfaction to figure out the cause and fix the problem.

It requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity when you work on installing a complete plumbing system. So, yes, it is definitely a career worth considering.

Besides, there is a shortage of plumbers across the UK. Thus, it is good news that the government is undertaking big projects across the UK and planning to build around 300,000 houses a year. Hence, there will be increased demand for plumbers with qualifications in the UK. Thus, with a plumbing job or business, you will have long-term financial security. In short, plumbing jobs and businesses are never going to become insignificant.

How much does a plumber in London earn?

Becoming a plumber anywhere in the UK, including London, is a lucrative career choice. In the UK, the average daily rate for a plumber varies between £150 and £200, meaning you can earn a good amount of money every month. Since this industry is seeing a high demand for plumber services, plumbers are now charging even higher rates and earning more money than they were before.

Do I need training to become a plumber in the UK?

Though you don’t need any academic qualification to pursue the career of a plumber in the UK, qualification always increases your chance to be chosen as the preferred plumber when compared to the untrained plumbers in your area. These days, customers are highly conscious about their choices and don’t want to trust anyone who hasn’t received proper training. The same goes for plumbers as well.

Enrolling in one or more of the plumbing courses in London, such as Plumbing Diploma, Plumbing NVQ, Water Regulations, Unvented Hot Water Systems, Part L Energy Efficiency, and so on will make you more trustworthy and reliable. This way, your customers know that you have received proper education and training to install, repair, and maintain their expensive plumbing systems.