How to Become a Professional Boiler Operator?

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Repair of a gas boiler

Boilers are used in different industries for a variety of purposes where high-pressure steam is required to process industrial applications such as power generation. They are very important industrial assets and are operated by professional gas engineers and boiler operators. Their main job is to operate and maintain boilers while keeping the plant environment safe and efficient. An individual needs to go through a comprehensive boiler operation, maintenance & safety training program to become a professional boiler operator in London.

If you think that the job of a boiler operator is a good fit for you to pursue your industrial career in London, you have to join a boiler course in London and obtain your boiler license before applying for a job. A boiler course teaches you how to test, repair, and maintain the safety and efficiency of industrial boilers. During a boiler course and training program, you will learn:

  • Gas Laws and combustion process
  • Draft system for steam boilers
  • Boiler types, functions, and components
  • Improve safety and control operations
  • Understand the best practices for boiler operations and maintenance
  • Safety valve and protection system
  • Burner management system
  • Routine test and emergency procedure
  • NDT and maintenance procedures

Industries require boiler operators who have successfully completed their training programs and obtain the necessary certifications and licenses for industrial work environments. Certified boiler operators must have extensive knowledge and skills along with a license to operate in certain states. To obtain your boiler license, you have to follow these steps successfully:

Undergo boiler course and apprentice training program

To become a professional boiler operator, you must understand the functioning and mechanics of boilers. Almost every industry prefers to hire individuals who have successfully completed a boiler course and apprentice training program. It gives you hands-on training and experience while learning textbook knowledge about boilers. This is your first step towards your boiler license.

Understand the licensing qualifications

You need to meet certain guidelines and age criteria to officially apply for a boiler license and process your application. You must be eighteen years of age or older to get your boiler license. It is also required to have a stable health condition to work as a boiler operator at industrial plants. Check with your state authorities and review licensing qualifications and requirements before applying for the license.

Pass the written exams and practical

To obtain your boiler license, you have to pass written and practical exams to get your certifications for boiler operations and safety programs. You will have to get a minimum score to be eligible to get your certifications and apply for the boiler license.

Go through a background check and submit your documents 

A background check is conducted by your state authorities followed by the document verifications before issuing your boiler license. Go through your state’s guidelines to take a look at mandatory documents you will need for the process when the state authority requests them from you.

After successfully completing receiving your certifications and completing all these steps, you are ready to obtain your boiler license to start your career as a boiler operator. If you are looking to pursue your career as a professional gas engineer or boiler operator in London, join a boiler course in London at Alpha Building Services Engineering Ltd to receive your certifications. Contact us or give us a call for a free consultation and discuss your career ambitions as a boiler operator.