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Crippling shortage of skilled trade workers in the UK is casuing delay on most of the construction site. Armies of trained electrician, plumbers, railway workders and carpenters are needed to prevent hugely costly delays to the construction project across the nation. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry estimateds that around 605,000 skilled workers will be needed on building sites by April 2015 to complete planned projects in London only.

Alpha BSE places great value on practical hands-on technical education – and has always been passionate about sharing this with our learners and industry partners. The company has stayed true to its roots and continue to deliver excellent training result to equipping people with the skills they need to start and run businesses and obtain good employment in the construction sector.

Alpha BSE offers many courses that are practical focused from start to finish. Learner will enjoy 6 hours per day practical training with individual guidance. Learner can also choose to do the course in evening and weekends, running from 6pm-9pm and Saturday. Courses are tailor made to equip the learnres with experience and knolwedge they need to be competent at work.

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