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Gas Courses available at Alpha BSE

Do you want to brush up your skills and add gas engineering to your plumbing skillset and become a gas technician? Or, you’re a beginner to this trade and want to start from basics to pursue a career as a gas engineer? Whatever your ambitions are, Alpha BSE Training offers a complete range of gas training courses in London in a fully-equipped training center. We will help you get the experience, skills, and certifications you need to work as a professional in the gas industry.

Alpha BSE Training is one of the largest construction skills training provides in London. Alpha BSE Training deems to help every trainee to develop and improve their trade skills by giving them the most quality and effective training and assessment. Discover a range of gas training courses such as CCN1, domestic gas appliances training and assessment, APL, boiler course and many more. Our training centre provides information, advice and guidance to any learner requiring course information, progression route and career opportunities.

Gas service technicians install, service and repair gas appliances and systems. These include gas fires, boilers and cookers. They also include central heating systems and shower units. So if you are interested in gas systems and you want a skilled and varied career, this could be an ideal choice.

To become a gas service technician, you will need to have good practical skills. You will need to be able to follow technical layouts and diagrams. You will also need a polite and friendly manner.

To qualify as a gas service technician you will need an ACS qualification in Domestic Natural Gas Installation. You would normally need to be employed by a company to complete this. Or you will need to complete appropriate work experience.

A qualified technician can earn between £19,000 and £30,000 a year. Bonuses, shift allowances and overtime will increase basic salaries.

Our gas courses in London teach every aspect of the trade at the highest standard on a full-time or part-time basis for beginners and experienced professionals. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and tutors to train you through the Traditional NVQ Apprenticeship or Fast-Track Managed Learning Programme, depending on your skill level and ambition as a gas technician. You can decide to train at your own pace and get certifications to kick start your career.

All our gas training courses are gas safe courses as per industry rules and regulations to ensure that your training is of the highest standard. We combine practical and theory training to provide you with on-site experience while teaching you the basics of core gas safety, gas appliances, industry regulations, gas system designs.

Key Areas of Study in Gas Training Courses in London are:

  • Core Gas Safety
  • Central Heating and Boilers
  • Gas Fires and Cookers
  • Central Heating & Hot Water Systems and Design
  • Water and Building Regulation
  • Low-Temperature Heating Design
  • Installation, Maintenance, and repair of gas appliances and plumbing systems
  • ACS assessment

Upon completion of your gas training course, we also help you obtain an ACS training course in Gas and Gas Safe Registration to work legally as a professional gas technician in the UK.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, we can help you find the ideal course for your specific needs to take your career even further. Our gas courses in London are designed to help you get training and certification so that you can become a fully-fledged gas technician in the UK. If you are entirely new to the trade, you can join our plumbing courses in London before enrolling into Gas Training Courses for ACS certification. Call us today at Alpha BSE Training for more information.

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