Hot Water System (Unvented)

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Hot Water System (Unvented)

About the course

Hot Water System (formerly called Unvented Hot Water System). The course is designed for operatives from either a Plumbing, Heating or related trade interested in becoming involved in Installing, Maintaining or Repairing Unvented Hot Water Systems with a storage volume of 15 Litres and above within the UK.

Course Content
  • The evolution of Unvented systems.
  • The differences between Unvented hot water systems and other types.
  • The current legal requirements for installing Unvented hot water systems. G3.
  • Types of systems and controls.
  • Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance procedures.

1 day, this includes 1/2 day training and 1/2 day assessment

Prices and Payment

Initial Assessment course costs £200 VAT inc.

Re-assessment course costs £180 VAT inc.

The cost covers the training, exam, certification and book

Price: £200.00

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