Capital faces desperate shortage of skilled workers for projects

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Vital London infrastructure and housing building projects worth tens of billions of pounds are in jeopardy because of a crippling shortage of skilled workers, a report warns today. Armies of trained bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters are needed to prevent hugely costly delays to flagship schemes across the capital.

The study, co-authored by consultants KPMG and the London chamber of Commerce and Industry, estimates that around 605,000 skilled workders will be needed on building sites by April 2015 to complete planned projects in London and the South East. This include more than 50,000 construction managers, 66,000 carpenters and woodfitters, 41,000 plumbers and 40,000 electricians.

The biggest consturction boom in decades will require more than 29,000 newly qualified workers being hired by the industry each year up to 2017, but less than half that level are currently being trained. The shortage is also driving up the cost of hiring skilled workers, adding millions to construction bills.

Source of article – 05 November 2014, Evening Standard

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